How to Make a PayPal button to Sell Ebook

First you need to sign up if you don't have an paypal account Click Here to Sign up  , then please log in to your PayPal account and look for the menu "Merchant Services", after you in your account page and click on the menu :

After pressing the menu, we will be able to see many options for merchants in Paypal. On this occasion we chose the menu "Buy Now Button"

There are three easy steps to create the "PayPal Buy Now" which will be used to sell the ebook online.

Note: There are many ways to process online ebook sales. There's an easier way and there is also a more complex way. On this occasion, I discuss the basic ways to menjaul online ebook on the Internet. Of course you can learn much more in the future =)

Step 1 Make a button "PayPal Buy Now"
The first step is described as follows:

Here below is explanation of the picture :

    1. Please select the menu "Products"
    2. Please select the "Buy Now"
    3. Please enter the product name, product ID, price, and select the currency in the field of available
    4. For this occasion, let what it is
    5. In general, digital transmission requires no shipping costs
    6. Please fill in the amount of tax (if necessary)
    7. Please select the "secure" to prevent email search program

Step 2 Create button "PayPal Buy Now"
The second step is described as follows:

The second step is usually used by people who sell the product "real". There are several options for penjejakan quantity of goods, profits and losses. On this occasion, please select "Save button at PayPal" to save the PayPal button on our PayPal account.

Step 3 Create button "PayPal Buy Now"
The third step is described as follows:

Explanation of the picture is as follows:

    1. Buyers only ordered one, because the goods we sell is an ebook
    2. No need additional instructions
    3. We do not need a physical address because the ebook will be sent to the buyer's PayPal address
    4. If the buyer to cancel the purchase, this URL will be opened by the buyer
    5. This URL address where the buyer will get the product after making a payment through PayPal. Make sure the URL address is correct!
    6. You can leave this section as it is

After all the fields filled in, please press the "create button"
Congratulations! Now you can sell your ebook with PayPal!

After pressing the "create button" you'll see the following:

You only need to copy and pasting code into your sales page (salespage). 

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