When you ask me about blogspot

Sometimes we still confuse about blogger like me before, first i don't know how to start posting and how to get a free blog hosting, my be you are also. and then i try to find a tutorial by searching at google (thank you google) about it until i find article about blogger has integrated with google.
And now if you are beginner as blogger and find some problem like me before i will tell you try blogger/blogspot as your first blog, because blogger is very simple engine which is you can add gadget easly like adsense, html or javascript, or anything you want to.
So use blogger for your first blog.


  1. Anonymous11/26/2008

    Blogger easier than WP for beginner blogger

  2. my fist blog using uber.com now they`re closing and than with blogger... but my love touching with wordpress, nice and easy module.now i`m become self-hosting with wordpress because of blogger have a limit 2G space only... wordpress.com 3G and have to pay if you want more...

  3. yes, I like wp for my self hosting


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