Free debit card, you may use it to verify your paypal

2 years ago I had opened paypal account but almost 2 (two) year I don't verify my account. Because I don't have an credit card before or VCC until I take decision to open a US bank account. Do you know ? we need a lot of money to open a US bank account, and for that reason I have canceled it.
But right now my paypal account has verified with no credit card or without VCC. I had verified it with free debit card that you may have it and verify your paypay also.
Here is step by step to register and getting free debit card :
1. Click here and click join now.
2. Fill complete registration form
3. After your registration complete, you have to register for affiliate program and you need to order a debit card in payment option.
oke I think this post is useful for you, good luck.

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  1. Anonymous7/29/2009

    gw dah bikin dan udah coba tapi gak bisa buat verifikasi paypal,kata pihak paypal bank tempat mengeluarkan tuh kartu tidak valid


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