How to increase your website visitor

The most problem of website owner is about visitor. And that is becoming a big problem if we use our website as primary promotion for our product. Today I need to share with other about how to make other people interesting to visit our website.
Here are three tactics to increase buyers of products and visitor of our website ; 
1. Give free report or free ebook. Many people are pleased when offered a freebie. That is what I have  

2. Give special offer. If you often come to the exhibition, which sought special offer or must have a big discount. Now you can apply to special offers that boost the amount of your buyers. Give special offer. The prospective buyer you will be delighted. Because they feel privileged to offer you. Oh yes, you've read the Secret Blogging special offers?

 3. Do cross promotion. Promotion of cross (cross promotion) means your partner to promote products or products of others, either through blogs or through email. And they can do the same thing.

Try and try again.      

How to Make a PayPal button to Sell Ebook

First you need to sign up if you don't have an paypal account Click Here to Sign up  , then please log in to your PayPal account and look for the menu "Merchant Services", after you in your account page and click on the menu :

After pressing the menu, we will be able to see many options for merchants in Paypal. On this occasion we chose the menu "Buy Now Button"

There are three easy steps to create the "PayPal Buy Now" which will be used to sell the ebook online.

Note: There are many ways to process online ebook sales. There's an easier way and there is also a more complex way. On this occasion, I discuss the basic ways to menjaul online ebook on the Internet. Of course you can learn much more in the future =)

Step 1 Make a button "PayPal Buy Now"
The first step is described as follows:

Here below is explanation of the picture :

    1. Please select the menu "Products"
    2. Please select the "Buy Now"
    3. Please enter the product name, product ID, price, and select the currency in the field of available
    4. For this occasion, let what it is
    5. In general, digital transmission requires no shipping costs
    6. Please fill in the amount of tax (if necessary)
    7. Please select the "secure" to prevent email search program

Step 2 Create button "PayPal Buy Now"
The second step is described as follows:

The second step is usually used by people who sell the product "real". There are several options for penjejakan quantity of goods, profits and losses. On this occasion, please select "Save button at PayPal" to save the PayPal button on our PayPal account.

Step 3 Create button "PayPal Buy Now"
The third step is described as follows:

Explanation of the picture is as follows:

    1. Buyers only ordered one, because the goods we sell is an ebook
    2. No need additional instructions
    3. We do not need a physical address because the ebook will be sent to the buyer's PayPal address
    4. If the buyer to cancel the purchase, this URL will be opened by the buyer
    5. This URL address where the buyer will get the product after making a payment through PayPal. Make sure the URL address is correct!
    6. You can leave this section as it is

After all the fields filled in, please press the "create button"
Congratulations! Now you can sell your ebook with PayPal!

After pressing the "create button" you'll see the following:

You only need to copy and pasting code into your sales page (salespage). 

Making Money by selling ebook via paypal

I think everyone had knowing about paypal, one of many online payment processor. Now is time to start making with paypal by sell our e-book.PayPal is not the only way that can be used to sell the ebook. There are several other options such as the inter-bank transfer or other payment processing systems. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to sell ebook online is to use PayPal.

Some of the benefits of eBook sales with PayPal, among others:

  • The process of making easy and fast.
  • The purchase process happens automatically.
  • Buyers can directly get the ebook immediately after the payment process is completed.

  And then more questions that will arise is how to sell ebook using PayPal? One of the easiest ways to sell ebook online is to utilize the key features of "buy now" which is available on our PayPal account. Use the "buy now" is not only limited to selling ebook, but in my opinion, the "buy now" is the easiest way to start selling information products online. I hope, readers can find new ideas or ideas for uses of this feature =)
What is required to sell the Ebook with PayPal

Some things you need to start selling ebook to PayPal, :

  •      Ebook
  •      PayPal Account
  •      Home page to sale (sales page)
  •      Page to download an e-book (download page)

On this occasion I am not going to discuss how to create ebook. To manufacture ebook please download the basic guidelines make ebook from Mas Cosa Aranda.

PayPal Account
To sell ebook through PayPal, PayPal account required premiere or business type. If a PayPal account we are still of type personal, then we need to turn it into a premier or business account; or can membuak new PayPal account with a premier or business type.

Homepage to sale ( Page Sales )
We can sell the ebook from the various types of web pages. This page does not need a long HTML page. In fact, the sales page can only be a video or post on a blog.

The most important thing is how you can explain the product in detail, including features and benefits of your product. If your ebook is the solution to a problem, make sure you explain what the problem would be solved.

Page to Download an ebook
This page contains a link where the buyer has made payment to get your ebook. This page is hidden (secret) and will be visible only if the buyer has made payment for your products using PayPal. This page should be blocked from search engines, meaning not indexed by search engines and taste in the server where the hard to find / guess.

How to Work with PayPal Ebook Sales

PayPal is one of the options for payment processing online ebook sales. When we sell something online, we need to handle the payment processing payments for our products. Kemuadia payment processing will send a buyer to a page where they can get a product that has been paid.

Here is a picture of the buying process online ebook

Try and sell your ebook collection, and get much money.

Free debit card, you may use it to verify your paypal

2 years ago I had opened paypal account but almost 2 (two) year I don't verify my account. Because I don't have an credit card before or VCC until I take decision to open a US bank account. Do you know ? we need a lot of money to open a US bank account, and for that reason I have canceled it.
But right now my paypal account has verified with no credit card or without VCC. I had verified it with free debit card that you may have it and verify your paypay also.
Here is step by step to register and getting free debit card :
1. Click here and click join now.
2. Fill complete registration form
3. After your registration complete, you have to register for affiliate program and you need to order a debit card in payment option.
oke I think this post is useful for you, good luck.

Internet for bussiness or be a Affiliate/Seller

In my last posting I have Wrote : Makin money As Reseller. Before we take an decision for what we have a private internet connection, we have to know what kind of internet activity we may join it and enjoy in, because there is many way. You may be a reseller, private marketing or marketing of other company, just do survey, web content, web admin, or whatever like you wish to get more income.
But Exactly you need an payment method if (credit card, paypal, web money, debit card that support for online transaction, etc.) . For Credit card you could come to an bank office and ask customer office about how to open an credit card. For paypal, that is a free account open it, but you have to verify first before you can use for payment. you may verify with your credit card or debit card.

Paypal name for single name

Based on my friend name who's want to open an paypal account and he was confused while filling the form application because he has single name only. he worried, it will be a problem when he want to do transaction in the future, and then he ask me about it. According to my experience we could put the same name on First name or Last name, and also we may put FNU ( First Name Unavailable ) on First name.
Don't forget to do the same way when you fill other registration form and fill it with the valid data.

Making money as reseller

Sometimes we found stack when we have try some way to get more income, Recently I try to be a reseller of some product of computer hardware and accessories to increase my income. if you have time to be a online or offline reseller why not? you try this one. try and try again everything to increase our income.

Happy new year 2009

may be i'm not to late to say happy new year. Exactly I want to say it at the first this year, unfortunately I had a little problem with my account. I forgot to log out on my notebook and then I log again on my Personal Computer (PC) so that the problem I can not log in anymore for 2 days.
Dear friend, on this year I have planning to give more times to stay and posting all of my opinion on my blog. and may be you have to know if I have made a wish for this year and lets me keep it as my secret between me and GOD.
Happy new year... happy new year... happy new year... lets we do the best for 2009... happy new year

Iets me make your blogger theme for free

First time I use blogger as my free blog hosting I try to find a themes with 3 layout design. so far I didn't find a themes with 2 layout until I take decision to design my self. This site is using my first design at blogger with three across/layout. my be next time I will design again to try another themes. and also I'm ready to design blogger theme for you for free. just send me email and tell me how I have to design your theme, I think with picture/image is better.

147 Killer ePublishing Strategies

We need true strategies to publish our product, don't waste your time , you need good references to do it. This ebook will show you how to publish and increase your traffic site,
Here is the contain of this ebook :
1. 20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An eBook.
2. 15 Creative Ways To Make Money With eBooks
3. 20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic And Sales With eBooks.
4. 10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads
5. 10 Easy Ways To Increase Your eBook's Size
6. 10 Concerns To Have Before Creating A Members Only Web Site
7. 12 High Readership Content Ideas
8. 10 Reasons To Sell A Fee Based Subscription Ezine
9. 40 Hot Information Product Ideas
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