Making Money by selling ebook via paypal

I think everyone had knowing about paypal, one of many online payment processor. Now is time to start making with paypal by sell our e-book.PayPal is not the only way that can be used to sell the ebook. There are several other options such as the inter-bank transfer or other payment processing systems. In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to sell ebook online is to use PayPal.

Some of the benefits of eBook sales with PayPal, among others:

  • The process of making easy and fast.
  • The purchase process happens automatically.
  • Buyers can directly get the ebook immediately after the payment process is completed.

  And then more questions that will arise is how to sell ebook using PayPal? One of the easiest ways to sell ebook online is to utilize the key features of "buy now" which is available on our PayPal account. Use the "buy now" is not only limited to selling ebook, but in my opinion, the "buy now" is the easiest way to start selling information products online. I hope, readers can find new ideas or ideas for uses of this feature =)
What is required to sell the Ebook with PayPal

Some things you need to start selling ebook to PayPal, :

  •      Ebook
  •      PayPal Account
  •      Home page to sale (sales page)
  •      Page to download an e-book (download page)

On this occasion I am not going to discuss how to create ebook. To manufacture ebook please download the basic guidelines make ebook from Mas Cosa Aranda.

PayPal Account
To sell ebook through PayPal, PayPal account required premiere or business type. If a PayPal account we are still of type personal, then we need to turn it into a premier or business account; or can membuak new PayPal account with a premier or business type.

Homepage to sale ( Page Sales )
We can sell the ebook from the various types of web pages. This page does not need a long HTML page. In fact, the sales page can only be a video or post on a blog.

The most important thing is how you can explain the product in detail, including features and benefits of your product. If your ebook is the solution to a problem, make sure you explain what the problem would be solved.

Page to Download an ebook
This page contains a link where the buyer has made payment to get your ebook. This page is hidden (secret) and will be visible only if the buyer has made payment for your products using PayPal. This page should be blocked from search engines, meaning not indexed by search engines and taste in the server where the hard to find / guess.

How to Work with PayPal Ebook Sales

PayPal is one of the options for payment processing online ebook sales. When we sell something online, we need to handle the payment processing payments for our products. Kemuadia payment processing will send a buyer to a page where they can get a product that has been paid.

Here is a picture of the buying process online ebook

Try and sell your ebook collection, and get much money.

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