I think, I enjoy with earn.nu to survey

Last month I have complete join with http://earn.nu but I forgot to survey . Two days ago I found a earn.nu banner, the banner was remember me that I had joined. and then I try to log into http://earn.nu and success. Before I never survey so I still confuse and try to find a menu has contain a list of advertise that I should click and take look until he site earn me the survey fees.
After I try one by one of menu finally I found it, and there is many advertise which is we should click and survey.
I think earn.nu is site survey which is reserve many advertise than other site survey.
If you decided to join with http://earn.nu, you'll get $0.05 bonus registration and $0.01 every website you visited.

Click here to join
Enjoy and get more dollar with survey.

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