I think, I enjoy with earn.nu to survey

Last month I have complete join with http://earn.nu but I forgot to survey . Two days ago I found a earn.nu banner, the banner was remember me that I had joined. and then I try to log into http://earn.nu and success. Before I never survey so I still confuse and try to find a menu has contain a list of advertise that I should click and take look until he site earn me the survey fees.
After I try one by one of menu finally I found it, and there is many advertise which is we should click and survey.
I think earn.nu is site survey which is reserve many advertise than other site survey.
If you decided to join with http://earn.nu, you'll get $0.05 bonus registration and $0.01 every website you visited.

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Enjoy and get more dollar with survey.

Just Survey we get a lot of dollar

If you are looking for more income than right now, I have solution for you, that is just do survey for everyday and you will get more dollar as you like. there is many site that you could register and start making money. Later I will give you that list or you can mail me at hermansantoni@yahoo.co.id if you can't be patience.
Don't forget if you have find it and already registered, do survey for everyday to increase you money stats.

I still trying to be a blogger

I'm a man who is want to exist event in virtual world. I like to be a your friend, your partner whenever you want to share. but I'm a new blogger so please tell me if you find me on foul and give me the reason and solution for it, i will very appreciate it.
I'm starting a blog on the first on this year (2008), my friend tell me if I will get a lot of friends to share every time on blog. so i try to join on blogger and first time, i was confused how to start to write, what kind of topic and many other thing that make me confused until I take decision if I should write whatever I am thinking, I am felling and whatever I am seeing.