How to increase your website visitor

The most problem of website owner is about visitor. And that is becoming a big problem if we use our website as primary promotion for our product. Today I need to share with other about how to make other people interesting to visit our website.
Here are three tactics to increase buyers of products and visitor of our website ; 
1. Give free report or free ebook. Many people are pleased when offered a freebie. That is what I have  

2. Give special offer. If you often come to the exhibition, which sought special offer or must have a big discount. Now you can apply to special offers that boost the amount of your buyers. Give special offer. The prospective buyer you will be delighted. Because they feel privileged to offer you. Oh yes, you've read the Secret Blogging special offers?

 3. Do cross promotion. Promotion of cross (cross promotion) means your partner to promote products or products of others, either through blogs or through email. And they can do the same thing.

Try and try again.